Jan Peacock

Soaring with Dogs

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Soaring with Dogs, perpetual remix since 2003, variable duration (this remix: 2013, 4:36 minutes)

An eleven-minute clip of two dogs at play, captured on a road trip through Canada in 1998, serve as inspiration and source material for media compositions that are reworked and newly invented each time the work is shown.

The ongoing project is meant to imagine and extend the lives of the dogs over the artist’s lifetime, and to explore the limitless symbolic value that accrues to animals, in relationship to humans and as figures in media culture.

Installation views are from the 2003 exhibition of Soaring with Dogs and Unconscious Touching at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. In the installation the video compositions play on the TV screens of a conjoined row of three vintage, coin-operated TV chairs (see Book of Chairs).