The Road Rises to Meet You

(Bliss) (Dread)
Video for The Road Rises to Meet You (1986)
Colour, stereo, 3:10 minutes each

Coming up to a rise in the road, you think,
“This is familiar. I know where I am now.
I know what’s on the other side of that hill.”

And you imagine it clearly.
(It is just as you imagined.)
(It is unrecognizable.)

A dialogue between a man and a woman plays out against landscapes of familiar desire and nameless fear. Together the couple tumbles in an embrace whose insular nature is revealed in sharp relief against radio reports on AIDS, cancer, and natural and technological disasters.

Sound by Andy Dowden
Camera by Paula Fairfield, Liss Platt, Joyan Saunders, Kim Derko
Photography by Allison Rossiter