Jan Peacock

Finder / therethere

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At Gallery 44, Jan Peacock’s exhibition Finder considers the nature of scrutiny along with business-as-usual. We confront the nature of evidence compiled, its relationship to privacy and the issue of culpability when seeking meaning.

Finder, the exhibition’s namesake, is a working of sequences from Peacock’s ongoing Competence Archive. Here we observe moments of private absorption: brief sequences of action depicting ordinary people and everyday activities which are brought to our attention by their excision from the background frame of space and time.  

therethere follows Peacock’s fingertips as they trace the railing of Pont Marie in Paris, from [the right bank] to Île Saint-Louis. Once again the image’s tight focus limits our comprehension by removing the broad city context. Yet now we might scrutinize the guiding hand more intently, feel the cold caress of iron and concrete, and really be there with grey sky and grey river.(from the exhibition catalogue by Peggy Gale)

Installation photos: Toni Hafkenscheid